Gifted Young people

In greater numbers, our youth of today are perceived to be distracted and lack the ability to focus. What is left out of the ADD/ADHD diagnosis is the paradigm shift this generation is experiencing. Each generation has a calling card for identification, such as 'Generation X' or 'Boomers'. The current generation is 'hard wired' to pick up multiple levels of sensory input, often referred to as 'Indigo's' or 'Rainbow's'. CE allows the nervous system to easily manage this complex level of receiving data, yet provides the ability of being grounded in the present. Preserving self esteem to the optimum level allows opening to the recipient to the truest self. This is the great impact of receiving CE. Cellular Expansion energy augments the potential for this select group of young people to bring forth a genuine,deeper sense of the authentic human within,manifesting with certainty what dreams are made of. The discovery of life purpose becomes attainable.