Healing for Alzheimer's

In spite of research reflecting increasing numbers diagnosed, much goes unrealized in the treatment and stability of the human spirit within the person with this terminal disease. There is a presence of the person, alive and reachable, quietly and consistently looking out through a window in the brain of plaque and tangles which thus far is known to be the cause.

Renny offers guidance, insights and skills for those living with this illness and to those who are caring for those who harbor the disease. Cellular Expansion coupled with knowledge of Energetic Boundaries is a gentle and effective method to ease the life of a loved one. The alive aspect of those who suffer is easily accessed with CE using clear boundaries.

The most evident impact of Alzheimer's is on memory. Often memories of the past can prove haunting and create a constant state of anxiety. Ordinary experiences, like seeing a dentist, can trigger memories that may illicit paranoia and combative behavior. Survivor's of the Holocaust may repress memories of pain that can bring about misunderstood behavior. CE is a gentle application which intervenes with these memories to bring forth calm and centered responses to life rather than recurring trauma reactions.