Soul & Business Illumination Coach

Illuminated Coaching with Renny is the bridge from growth to transformation, transformation to expanded awareness. Whether you are new to the Cellular Expansion energy or a sporadic to frequent receiver, Soul Coaching brings your current position in life to a more expanded status by keeping ineffective life patterns in dissolve

Illuminated Soul Coaching investment is unique in many ways, customized to meet you where you are, fine tuning your specific needs on many levels. Renny is a skilled facilitator as a Spiritual Guide, with years of study in theology, a background in Gestalt and Jung therapies, while exploring consciousness since the late 1970's. Her dedication and life commitment to supporting personal and spiritual growth is the substantial ingredient to the learning and study she has absorbed. Her commitment has brought her to a position as a leading edge Coach in the field of Spirituality today.

Obtaining a B.S in Social Sciences, partnered with her background in non-violent communication, Renny takes Business Coaching to another level. When circumstances appears to be unresolvable, change occurs with ease when the higher objectives are illuminated. Blending spirit with business invites potential for more evolved ways of being of service.

Additional areas that are addressed but not limited to with Illuminated Soul Coaching are; Body Consciousness, Memory Healing, PTSD, Feeling/Emotion Process, Relationships, and Dream Work/Interpretation. Any matters that have presented barriers to further Spiritual Evolution are lovingly honored.

Packages available include daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly Soul Connection. These opportunities are done in person, phone, email and Skype. Prices are customized according to time and topic requested.

"I've been a client of Renny's for over 4 years. She has become a trusted friend and adviser in every aspect of my life. I rely on her wisdom, clarity and insight to maneuver through both personal and business decisions. I am a monthly subscriber and having the knowledge that Renny is virtually a text or phone call away, gives me great peace of mind. She is truly my "genie in a bottle". Being a business owner, I find this service to be invaluable....and a great bargain! Renny is truly a gem to which I owe the Universe a debt of gratitude for putting in my life!" -Jill G. MA, Ed., CYT Business owner

"Working with Renny on a weekly basis has been nothing short of a life changing experience for me. My personal growth has been greatly accelerated in the last year after signing on for one year of weekly spiritual support. Knowing I will receive weekly support from Renny has been a tremendous comfort to me. I have more emotional stability, more mental clarity, more spiritual direction and I am able to sustain this clarity from day to day. During our personalized coaching sessions I am gently and compassionately guided into a deeper understanding of myself. Renny has the kindest of hearts and is filled with wisdom and compassion. Working with Renny has helped me to transform my life in ways that are beyond my wildest dreams." -VW, Illinois