Woke. A bleak and crazy time breaking through Paradigms. Written 7/2/19

The much anticipated ‘ascension experience’ with the hope of a new earth is upon us. Many reflected on this with the exterior world appearing like Nirvana and all humans loving one another and expressing altruism. In this reality, altruism and Nirvana is far from the political vitriol and the violence between law enforcement and citizens.  The climate shifts are gaining momentum and we are experiencing extinction of species at a rapid rate.

So, where is the evidence of the fourth and fifth dimensional qualities that was sung about in the ’60’s? And where is the so called ‘higher realm energy’ that was to show up on our planet on December 21, 2012? Still looking?

Maybe if it is not yet obvious to you as yet, you may be looking in a  direction where it is not possible to perceive. Because, it is here. It always has been here.  In my previous Blog entries, I revealed experiences that were real, in real time, but not of this 3 dimensional reality. Where does one have to go to experience a new, higher reality? How do we access what is available? Drugs, and plant based hallucinogens certainly can usher us to expanded states of higher consciousness. Yet, how safe? How controlled? What happens to us, after that exploration? Are we in tact and supported to continue in this reality? Or are we left feeling stranded, with the chemical changes in our brain causing further, deeper dissatisfaction?

A simple yet a very long journey for those of us who have been influenced by and invested in the patriarchal realty of manipulating the outcome of what we perceive. We are awakening and what was once contrived is no longer working, as evidence in the current condition of our planet.

Out of the ashes of crumbling democracy’s, religions, education, economic systems and the eco-systems arises the new consciousness of a New Paradigm. Ah yes, it is within each of us. Finding the Still-point on that long, intimate journey from the mind to the heart where we cross a vast desert to the Promised Land. Could this be symbolic of what we are embarking on? Instead of looking for God out there somewhere, in the burning bush, but the fire within each of us.Yes! We have arrived from the global revolution of the 1960’s with currents in the 1970’s where rebellion and free love was the expression of freedom and Oneness. Nothing could stop us now. And yet, it did stop. The enthusiasm dissolved into the ‘me generation’ addled with cocaine and greed as the primary drivers of a cultural norm. Advertising ruled the USA and told us what to eat and how to have sex.  For sure, this could not be the way to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, where peace,love and harmony was waiting at the threshold. Finding direction and grounding during these turbulent years was beyond challenging for many. For me this was true until 1987, the year of the Harmonic Convergence. Things began to open up to new possibilities within the world of medicine. Herbal supplements, Movement and Massage therapy took root in a big way. Women discovered they were lied to about taking hormone replacement therapy promising the fountain of youth. Instead causing cancer and alzheimer’s.

And now, just as then, we rally to a higher way of understanding and come to place of clarity for what is next for humanity. It is our way of knowing who we are from an entirely different perspective. Not the ego, but the Soul. Not far reaching to connect with our Soul, but a still and patient waiting. Still. Waiting.

The subtleties of linking with our Soul is missing the mark, as we have been ‘doing,’ up until now. It is the undoing, the unknowing, the gentle, subtle, sweet place that resides in you and me.

The birth of the global soul. Carona 2020.



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Life Before Birth

What is Life? An age old question that has brought deep thinkers to profound musings, alas with uncertainty to a definitive answer. My response to this query around the 1960’s was, “atomic events.” Indeed this was then a known truth.

Today, as a Lightworker, Energy Medicine Practitioner for over thirty years now, I can respond to this based on my experiences as an Energy Practitioner. You can refer to my introduction blog to see how this all began in my life.

It was 2006. I was seeing my last client for the day. I had been seeing her for over one year for fertility issues. She was 42 years of age with a thyroid condition. The medical ‘experts’ deemed her impossible for conception. Yet, from an energetic view, she was perfectly capable to conceive and carry a child. So we began weekly, deep dives of all possible energetic obstacles that may have been blocking the entry of a Soul. This, the deeper energetic process of conception, is what is waiting for traditional Allopathic medicine to catch up to.

With the first placement of the hands during this session, something was happening for me that had never happened before. A point of Light, soft, pure and somewhat twinkling, appeared in my client’s energy field. There was a profound sense of joy, this Light. It then cascaded into the client’s body and attached to her womb. I was mesmerized and in awe, not only with witnessing this, but the sheer beauty of feeling this miraculous event. I could not hold back the tears, and spoke of what I saw. I could not say with conviction that this was the beginning of her pregnancy. I could say it was the beginning of the Soul that chose this woman to be the one to carry out the nine months of forming humanity into the world as a new born baby.

As with numerous clients and their related  experiences in seeing a point of Light blossom into a most grande angel, or the Light pointing toward seeing a beloved who had crossed to the higher dimensions, or other magical forms of Light I had been personal witness to, I recognized this not only from appearance, but more from the purest love in which it was delivered.

Recently, April of 2016, I came across a report on research and conception. The following report that is the closest information from science providing the opportunity for humanity to realign our current understanding of how or when human life actually begins.

[Researchers discovered the moment a human soul enters an egg, which gives pro-life groups an even greater edge in the battle between embryonic life and death. The precise moment is celebrated with a zap of energy released around the newly fertilized egg.”

Woodruff herself admits that science still has a long way to go in explaining the process of human conception, but that “biology” has a definite starting point:

“All of biology starts at the time of fertilization, yet we know next to nothing about the events that occur in the human. This discovery required a unique partnership between biologists and chemists and non-federal dollars to support the research.”]

Note that the research quotes biology and fertilization. I am referencing that energy, or the Soul, enters the body prior to conception, with choice. The biology follows. In the report, it is stated a ” zap of energy released around the newly fertilized egg.” If one aspires to the understanding of humans choosing their parents prior to incarnation, then it follows that the Soul, with all of its vast knowledge and passion, would settle in to await the physical miracle of human life to begin. The Soul awaits fertilization.

My experience was with ‘Louise’ during a Cellular Expansion & Healing session. Recognition of the beginning of life, from the Soul perspective, is that consciousness enters the body prior to conception. She did not conceive until the next month.

I find this personal experience one of many loving blessings that I have been privileged to experience in my lifetime.  Now, at this stage of my life, I find it ever more relevant to share them with those who are ready to experience this new paradigm of life, fearlessly.


I welcome your inquiries and responses. Future exploration of the choice of Soul entering and departing at the beginning of life.

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In the Beginning ~ The Calling

I am dedicating this Blog to the journey of the Soul. As we are an ever evolving species, knowing what we are aspiring to and where we are headed can be a source of comfort during these times of constant change.

My life has been defined in the Healing Arts as I remember from early childhood. I always knew I had a Calling to ‘heal’. I did not always know how that was to play out in the real world. There have been surprising twists and turns along the way, either figuring that out or creating a way to bring this Calling into my life.
Frequently misperceived and often viewed as ‘crazy’, it was impossible for me to abandon this path to do anything that was traditional or already being done. This was not the purpose for sure. It was certain that I could do nothing different that what I was being called to do.
I learned to respond to what was immediate and not think too much about what the future had in store. Exciting, yes. Stressful, almost always.
After two decades of being in the world in this way, being led, I became a bit more proficient at not knowing what was next and building deeper and deeper trust that it all was going to be OK. At first it was like following the crumbs in the forest. Then the birds ate the crumbs and shifted how I followed the path. Ever a challenge. Yet so exhilarating.
My indoctrination to the world of the unseen was with the Angels. Educated as Catholic gave me the sense of authority to their existence. What also helped create this reality was the home environment in which I grew up. It was a most unsafe place, with no alternative for finding a safe place anywhere. The Angels were ever present, particularly in times of great chaos. It still felt scary, yet I knew I had invisible protection. Sometimes revealing their presence, more often feeling their energy surrounding me.
For the first twenty years of my life, I was lead over and over again to people, places and things that would reinforce that I indeed had a purpose and support  provided to bring that purpose into the world. I simply did not know how that was to happen. And then began the journey of Faith, and trust and gradually opening to Love, the unconditional kind, that can only come from the forces that keep harmony and balance on this giant planet. That is a lot of power.

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Introduction to Musings of Soul

Welcome to my blog where contributions for those seeking deeper truth, as we know it to be for now,are explored, defined, argued and awakened. I look forward to an inspirational journey with you.

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