My life in the past 5 years of working with Renny has truly changed. I lived in a shadow of myself, never truly able to live the life I was meant to live. After cellular energy, my dark days turned bright, my pain turned to healing wounds. I feel forever grateful to Renny and her healing process for giving me love, happiness, and peace back into my life. If I'm being honest I cannot even put into words what Renny has done for me! Thank you Renny! S Hurley

I met Renny at a point in my life where I was desperate to make a change. I knew what I had to do, but could not find the strength or courage to act. I really didn't know much about cellular expansion and energy healing but knew I needed help. After my first session with Renny my life changed. I found a peace and strength I never knew I had, and was able to make the changes I needed to move past the pain. I am now moving forward, happy, and at peace for the first time in my life. I am forever grateful to her for giving me a life full of possibilities. Experiencing her healing help is the best gift you can ever give yourself. Thank you so much Renny. --Denise R, Illinois

I am new to Cellular Expansion, and am astounded at the results I have seen in my life. I have struggled with horrifying night terrors for years that would cause major anxiety. I am so relieved to say, I have not had a single night terror since my I began my work with Renny. It is evident that Renny has a true god given gift, I feel blessed that I am able to experience it. I leave my sessions with a renewed peace and awareness that I did not even know existed. I would say that everyone would benefit from sessions with Renny and I plan to continue my journey with CE. ---Ann C. Illinois

I have been working with Renny for a few years now. My mother passed when I was young and my father is an alcoholic. I I was in a verbally and mentally abusive relationship for years and am finally free from him because of the help from Renny. The cellular expansion sessions enlightened me tremendously. I have struggled to complete my goals because I always put others needs before my own. I allowed people to control me and my thoughts. Renny has taught me to love my inner beauty. Today I am confident in myself and have never been happier. I got a promotion at work and am currently going to school for my graduate degree. I continue the cellular expansion sessions and will never stop. Renny saved my life. I was headed toward a downward spiral and she helped lift my spirits.
BB, Illinois.

I had the extreme pleasure and good fortune to spend a holistic integration weekend with Renny last fall. The cellular sessions provided me the support and energy that was needed to allow me to work toward all I have imagined my life could be. Renny was able to help me chrystalize my thoughs and emotions and this, in turn, helped me to integrate easily into the person I truly am. Renny's care and understanding along with the cellular integration sessions on the table were able to help me see a clear vision and purpose for my life. I am able to do what is right for me and make good decisions while navigating through my life. By the end of the cellular weekend, I was totally lifted and energized all while feeling peaceful and relaxed. This weekend has been the most positive, lasing, and life-changing experience in my life.

I began Cellular Expansion sessions with Renny a few years ago. I was already on a spiritual path but her work brought new dimensions to my life. Both Renny's "heightened intuitive sense", combined with " true humility", have brought grace and ease to moving through emotional " rough spots" for me. She works with the highest integrity. My creative expressions of art and music are constantly being enhanced through this process. Em D. - Pennsylvania

"I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for a few years now but I told myself I would never turn to taking medications to deal with this problem. When my anxiety started to negatively affect my everyday life and my health, I was referred by a good friend to Renny. I have not been seeing her for that long but after every session with Renny, I always feel lighter and calmer and able to live the life I want to. Through cellular expansion, I am able to voice the worries and concerns that even I didn't know I had. Renny has allowed me to open up my feelings and deal with them in a much healthier way than I have dealt with them in the past. Since my sessions, I have grown healthier physically, emotionally and mentally by learning how to communicate and manage my feelings." -M.M.

"When we are on a spiritual journey, we need to find guides who not only support us but also introduce us to new dimensions. Renny Sherrow is one of those guides. By taking her courses on energy expansion and by doing the actual energy work with her, my journey has become one of the constant discovery. Her support and connection bring Light into a world sorely in need of her vision." - Dr. Michele T. , Pennsylvania

"I began working with Renny several years ago when she facilitated a movement/exercise class. Our relationship continued with the class and therapeutic massage. When she began offering Cellular Expansion and Healing sessions it seemed only natural to test the waters. I am very happy that I did. Cellular Expansion works not only on a physical level but on an emotional level also. During a very trying time following knee surgery the sessions calmed my anxiety and psychologically allowed me to begin to heal. I will continue my sessions and I would recommend them to everyone." - Marty B., Ohio

"Throughout my life I have struggled with the devastating and lasting effects of childhood sexual abuse. After several years of traditional therapy with little to no results, I had pretty much given up hope. My sessions with Renny have been life-changing. Since working with Renny, my self-esteem has greatly improved. I now have more confidence in myself and my abilities. My outlook on life is much more positive and I feel at peace. With each session I gain more insight into myself and I have a deeper understanding and respect for the natural flow of life. Cellular expansion therapy has helped me in ways I never thought possible and the benefits of this type of therapy are endless. " - Victoria L. Way, Illinois.

"Cellular expansion enabled me to expand my consciousness, and explore my inner being and soul. This experience helped me to realize my dream of conceiving and giving birth to my son. Renny led me gently through this experience with much wisdom and peace." - Anamika N., Washington, D.C.

"My sessions are a calming experience with very high intensity. I step into a realm where I experience the brightest of colors, and view places that I had visited in my dreams. Sessions are an out of body experience, where I am able to place myself in a state of mind that I have never felt before. Sessions calm, energize, enlighten, and open my mind and body to things I had never realized were possible. Cellular Expansion is the vehicle that allows me to realize my most peaceful state. I use the tools that I developed from my CE experiences to calm and center myself daily. I have had some of the best physical feelings after a session. I can run faster, jump higher, see clearer, and think harder. Its a self-improvement tool and not to mention an organic pleasure!" - Jon T., Ohio

"As a healthy 43 year old my life was rocked with my diagnosis of Stage 2 breast cancer. With much to live for I prepared for what I sensed might be the toughest fight of my life. Shortly into the medical treatments, that bombarded my body for 8 months with chemotherapy and radiation, I realized I desperately needed additional assistance to buoy my overall well-being. Through guided imagery and body work Renny provided me with the vital energy, sense of empowerment and peace that was integral to healing my weary, guarded, vulnerable body and soul. Now 10 years later, in my full and active life, I continue to draw on the lessons I learned through Renny. I am forever grateful to her extensive wisdom and selfless devotion that brought me back to live a new and more meaningful life." - Nancy L., Connecticut

"I have found that the purpose of my life is much deeper and more complex than I am able to know or understand. However, cellular expansion has started to create a path of stepping stones that is leading me to the dreams I someday will achieve. My confusion became clear, pain became healing and my dreams are becoming a reality. Renny Sherrow has a passion for life, love and healing---all of which have aided in my recovery and continual growth in the world. I have felt stronger, bigger and obtained a fuller sense of life after starting my sessions with Renny. The work of cellular expansion is a phenomenon that should not be kept as a secret, but shared with the you and the rest of the universe." - A. Glavan Joliet, Illinois

"Were it not for Renny Sherrow, I'd probably be dead now. Or worse living as if dead. She guided me through the most difficult time of my life and continues to inspire me. She's insightful, compassionate and works with the greatest integrity. She is a healer in the truest sense, in that she inspires me to find the strength and the courage in myself to be whole and free. She facilitates healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She is a guide with clear vision who empowers by reflecting and reminding us of our highest vision of ourselves. Working with Renny is enlightening." - D Nelson., PA.

"My CE long distance session started with a phone call to Renny where I discussed my intention which was to have successful dental surgery for a gum infection. After the conversation, I lay down on the bed under a cover and relaxed. I closed my eyes and immediately my body felt very light. My relaxation deepened. After several minutes my hands and feet began to vibrate softly and then the vibration spread to my whole body, a delightful feeling. A bit later, I could feel the area where I was to have surgery start to tingle in a cool soothing way. I briefly opened my eyes and 20 minutes had passed. I rolled onto my side and slept for an hour. I awakened refreshed and energetic.Renny later sent me an email of her perceptions of the session, this was very useful feedback. Results: I had the surgery several days later and by that time, much of the inflammation had disappeared. There was no pain during the surgery or afterward. A week later everything was healed. Most people cringe at the thought of gum surgery but for me this was a trauma-free experience." - Suzanne R., Arlington, VA

"I was given my first Cellular Expansion and Healing session as a gift where it quickly became evident that I didn't know how to truly receive.Through this work, I now give and receive fully. I have learned that all the fear I have held onto is not who I truly am. I now live from my own expansion." - Stephanie E. H., Virginia