Living Creatively As We Age

The senior of today learned how to survive by silencing feelings. Informed by an era of depression -- silence was not only golden, but assured safety. It was considered dangerous to express or even feel fear. CE allows the respect of the silence and at the same time creates a supportive environment to shift into a 'what's next' experience to assist this generations holding pattern to slowly let go. While held in a harbor of safety, confidence is deepened. Experiencing a sense of safety one then can open the door to authenticity of emotion. This stage of life invokes a daily look into the unknown. Offering various tools to do this with skill, grace and to absolve fear is the most empowering avenue to traverse uncharted territory into the last stage of life. The personal experience of what it is like to 'feel' out of the body can eliminate any concerns of detaching from the material world. With the loving, gentle support of CE, a peaceful vision of the future becomes acceptable.