Holistic Integration LLC

At Holistic Integration, Renny Sherrow provides Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) services. CE is an evolutionary energy treatment that allows you to experience support from a place within where what is needed for transformation occurs naturally. This modality works harmoniously with the flow of cellular movement throughout the central nervous system. Bathed in this energy and with great ease the body can transform to healing on multiple levels. In a gentle, non-invasive way, the cells reorganize to homeostasis, the place where the body intuitively goes for balance and perfect health. Healing takes place emotionally, spiritually and in the body-mind with the support of this energy, by replacing fear with deep trust. As the clutter of the mind is cleared, moving beyond obstacles is easily done with little effort and remarkable outcome. Current research supports the efficacy of mind/body connection:


Energy and matter are interchangeable;they are different forms of the same thing. Albert Einstein

CE is the energy of the future. The future is HERE.