What to expect before and after an in-person CE session

Prior to your in person healing session, you are asked to prepare an 'intention' for the session,what you would like to see as a desired outcome. This establishes a focus with which you would like the energy to be directed. An intention may include a request for balance in one's life; clarity regarding a specific, troubling issue; support for creating change; healing for physical, emotional, mental well being or creativity and abundance, to name a few. Your intention is discussed with a confidential understanding, allowing exploration of the depths one may want to experience. The time for this is usually 15 or 20 minutes. Once clarity is established, it is time to receive the loving supportive energy of CE.

Using the patterns of the CE energy flow, your Practitioner skillfully places her hands on your joints (ankles, knees, hips) and then soft tissue (solar plexus and heart) as you lay on a massage table. A light cradling of the head follows, with closure returning to the ankles. The experience during the 35 to 45 minute hand placement is quite individualized. The most frequent experience reported is a profound sense of peace and freedom from thoughts. Often, receivers of this energy experience seeing beautiful colors or visions of lakes or other bodies of water. Or simply a calm acceptance of what is.

Regardless of the experience one may have during the receiving of the CE energy, the essence of the ongoing work begins when one places their feet on the floor to walk back into their life. It is then, when the gentle loving energy supports your set intention by allowing new thoughts, new feelings or new responses to patterns that have been established which no longer serve you in life. It is this most subtle of shifts about to occur that now open to fulfillment of your greatest desires.

At the end of the day after receiving CE, soaking in a warm bath while immersing the spine, adding one pint of apple cider vinegar is required. This allows an opportunity for self care along with cleansing at a cellular level for all that has been released. This is a Native American custom that is used in many cultures for renewal.