Woke. A bleak and crazy time breaking through Paradigms. Written 7/2/19

The much anticipated ‘ascension experience’ with the hope of a new earth is upon us. Many reflected on this with the exterior world appearing like Nirvana and all humans loving one another and expressing altruism. In this reality, altruism and Nirvana is far from the political vitriol and the violence between law enforcement and citizens.  The climate shifts are gaining momentum and we are experiencing extinction of species at a rapid rate.

So, where is the evidence of the fourth and fifth dimensional qualities that was sung about in the ’60’s? And where is the so called ‘higher realm energy’ that was to show up on our planet on December 21, 2012? Still looking?

Maybe if it is not yet obvious to you as yet, you may be looking in a  direction where it is not possible to perceive. Because, it is here. It always has been here.  In my previous Blog entries, I revealed experiences that were real, in real time, but not of this 3 dimensional reality. Where does one have to go to experience a new, higher reality? How do we access what is available? Drugs, and plant based hallucinogens certainly can usher us to expanded states of higher consciousness. Yet, how safe? How controlled? What happens to us, after that exploration? Are we in tact and supported to continue in this reality? Or are we left feeling stranded, with the chemical changes in our brain causing further, deeper dissatisfaction?

A simple yet a very long journey for those of us who have been influenced by and invested in the patriarchal realty of manipulating the outcome of what we perceive. We are awakening and what was once contrived is no longer working, as evidence in the current condition of our planet.

Out of the ashes of crumbling democracy’s, religions, education, economic systems and the eco-systems arises the new consciousness of a New Paradigm. Ah yes, it is within each of us. Finding the Still-point on that long, intimate journey from the mind to the heart where we cross a vast desert to the Promised Land. Could this be symbolic of what we are embarking on? Instead of looking for God out there somewhere, in the burning bush, but the fire within each of us.Yes! We have arrived from the global revolution of the 1960’s with currents in the 1970’s where rebellion and free love was the expression of freedom and Oneness. Nothing could stop us now. And yet, it did stop. The enthusiasm dissolved into the ‘me generation’ addled with cocaine and greed as the primary drivers of a cultural norm. Advertising ruled the USA and told us what to eat and how to have sex.  For sure, this could not be the way to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, where peace,love and harmony was waiting at the threshold. Finding direction and grounding during these turbulent years was beyond challenging for many. For me this was true until 1987, the year of the Harmonic Convergence. Things began to open up to new possibilities within the world of medicine. Herbal supplements, Movement and Massage therapy took root in a big way. Women discovered they were lied to about taking hormone replacement therapy promising the fountain of youth. Instead causing cancer and alzheimer’s.

And now, just as then, we rally to a higher way of understanding and come to place of clarity for what is next for humanity. It is our way of knowing who we are from an entirely different perspective. Not the ego, but the Soul. Not far reaching to connect with our Soul, but a still and patient waiting. Still. Waiting.

The subtleties of linking with our Soul is missing the mark, as we have been ‘doing,’ up until now. It is the undoing, the unknowing, the gentle, subtle, sweet place that resides in you and me.

The birth of the global soul. Carona 2020.



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