In the Beginning ~ The Calling

I am dedicating this Blog to the journey of the Soul. As we are an ever evolving species, knowing what we are aspiring to and where we are headed can be a source of comfort during these times of constant change.

My life has been defined in the Healing Arts as I remember from early childhood. I always knew I had a Calling to ‘heal’. I did not always know how that was to play out in the real world. There have been surprising twists and turns along the way, either figuring that out or creating a way to bring this Calling into my life.
Frequently misperceived and often viewed as ‘crazy’, it was impossible for me to abandon this path to do anything that was traditional or already being done. This was not the purpose for sure. It was certain that I could do nothing different that what I was being called to do.
I learned to respond to what was immediate and not think too much about what the future had in store. Exciting, yes. Stressful, almost always.
After two decades of being in the world in this way, being led, I became a bit more proficient at not knowing what was next and building deeper and deeper trust that it all was going to be OK. At first it was like following the crumbs in the forest. Then the birds ate the crumbs and shifted how I followed the path. Ever a challenge. Yet so exhilarating.
My indoctrination to the world of the unseen was with the Angels. Educated as Catholic gave me the sense of authority to their existence. What also helped create this reality was the home environment in which I grew up. It was a most unsafe place, with no alternative for finding a safe place anywhere. The Angels were ever present, particularly in times of great chaos. It still felt scary, yet I knew I had invisible protection. Sometimes revealing their presence, more often feeling their energy surrounding me.
For the first twenty years of my life, I was lead over and over again to people, places and things that would reinforce that I indeed had a purpose and support  provided to bring that purpose into the world. I simply did not know how that was to happen. And then began the journey of Faith, and trust and gradually opening to Love, the unconditional kind, that can only come from the forces that keep harmony and balance on this giant planet. That is a lot of power.

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